About Tennis Tigers

  • Tennis Tigers specialises in teaching tennis to children aged 4-18 years.
  • The 1 hour sessions take place on every Saturday and Sunday at 10am and 11am at Preston Park public courts, Brighton.
  • During the week sessions take place in after school clubs at Downs Infants, Patcham Infants and Brighton College.
  • Tennis Tigers runs Holiday Booster Courses all year round.
  • Tennis Tigers offers individual and small group tuition to both children and adults.
  • Your child will learn the basic stokes which include the forehand, backhand and volley.
  • Over time they will progress to the smash and serve and more advanced shots.
  • Tennis Tigers also incorporates footwork drills and games into each session to ensure a fun and rewarding experience for your child.
  • Tennis Tigers will help your child accelerate their learning process through the combination of expert tuition and lots of practice.
  • Your child will only need to bring their basic PE kit. Tennis Tigers supplies all the specialist equipment required.