There is always a look of confusion on a parent’s face when you tell them that you can teach a child to be a competitive tennis player when they are as young as seven.  Yes, they may play on a badminton court with a slightly lower net and yes, the balls maybe softer, larger and easier to hit but they are competing nonetheless.

Despite a decade long promotion of mini tennis by the LTA, the under tens have been largely neglected when it comes to teaching tennis.  This is precisely what Tennis Tiger’s has been attempting to rectify.  Tennis Tigers both teaches and runs tournaments for the under tens. Coach and director of Tennis Tigers, Vanessa Nickerson says “Teaching this age group requires a special kind of teacher because it’s not an easy thing to do.  Our coaches need strong, positive personalities and an ability to understand and relate to young  children”.

So the result of the Tennis Tigers’ programme? 200 children under ten years old play tennis throughout the week in the Preston Park area.  Children from Brighton College, Downs, St Luke’s, Carlton Hill, Patcham Infants, Rudyard Kipling School, Stanford Infants and more, benefit from the Tennis Tigers coaching programme.  We also have older girls and boys from Varndean, Cardinal Newman and Dorothy Stringer who started off in our Junior programmes and continue to play & compete now as advanced Tigers. Vanessa says, “ What really makes this programme work are the tournaments, fifty children are now signed up with the LTA as competitive tennis players.” If you think about it, this is quite an achievement both for the Tigers and the children involved.

Even better, you can see them in action in Preston Park each weekend morning. The tournaments are held on the last Sunday of each month in Preston Park, with the next one falling on Sunday 28th February at 1pm. If you have a child who is under ten years old then you should consider joining the Tennis Tigers’ programme because they teach children of any ability.  To join this Summer, please contact Tennis Tigers on 07531879404 or e-mail


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