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Brighton Tennis Singles Ladder (Mixed)

This ladder is for singles players in Brighton & Hove. This is a ‘Leapfrog’ ladder. If the lower ranked player wins they ‘leapfrog’ over the next player. If the higher ranked player wins the status quo is maintained. You can play matches when you like by challenging up to 3 places above you. You will be asked to join and when this invite is accepted, you can start challenging. You can play as many matches as you like. The ladder will operate year round. The administrator will put you on a rung on the ladder that we think is appropriate to your standard.

The fee for the ladder competition is £12 for the year. You will be sent a Paypal payment request once you have joined.

Any questions please contact Dan Travis on 07826068248 or email


You cannot be challenged if your status is set to ‘away’.

The timezone is set to ‘Bangladesh Time’ which will affect the time set in your calendars and emails.

Challenges expire after 14 days after which it is forfeited and the challenger wins the match.

The challenger cannot challenge more than 5 places above their position.

If you challenge and lose you will still gain a position.

You cannot challenge the same team/player twice in a row.

Your challenge will be cancelled if it drops outside of range because of another result.

You can create up to two challenges up the table.

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