Competitive Chess

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Building the Fundamentals for a Lifetime of Competitive Chess

The IFC chess programme is designed to give players the skills to compete at competition level. The internet provides the opportunity to compete against anyone in the world at anytime. The IFC programme gives players an understanding of the essential tactics and strategies that will  allow players to compete in this new environment.

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What learning to play chess can do for a tennis player

Chess cultivates a healthy attitude to competition in a  way that playing video games does not. Video games have some positive elements but they rarely have all the elements of a competitive mindset that are found in chess.

These elements include:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Set patterns of response
  • Decision making under pressure

Chess is also a powerful compliment to other activities and processes:

  • Academic work
  • Sports (individual sports in particular)

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How much would you value the ability to concentrate for increasingly longer periods of time?

The IFC Competitive  Chess Programme includes:

  • Membership and  instruction in the use of
  • Full training in the Rules and Moves
  • Opening moves and strategies
  • Middle game tactics
  • End game scenarios
  • Chess Puzzles
  • Real time matchplay
  • Time restricted chess
  • Game Analysis
  • Tournaments
  • Inter IFC matches
  • Workbook

The IFC Competitive Chess Structure

  • The  programme  consists of 10  individual tactical training  sessions
  • The training sessions can work  in conjunction with other children on the IFC programme
  • Training  sessions are arranged individually  with the IFC Instructor
  • The training session venue can be at school, home or any other environment conducive to concentration.
  • Course materials, timetable and  online materials will be supplied on payment
  • Competition times and dates will follow after the initial x5 sessions are  completed
  • The price for all the above is £350 – Payment  can be made by bank  transfer
  • The IFC Chess Programme is  limited to 7 players per term
  • The  programme operates on a first come first served basis
  • The deadline for applications to the programme is  6th September 2016

To join the  programme, please contact

Jeff Taylor  on 07472 362 605


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