Preparation Programme for Competitive Tennis

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 October 26th, 27th & 28th

 Preston Park Public Tennis Courts
Brighton, UK

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The competition preparation programme is designed specifically for tennis players who have reached a certain level and want to progress into competition. The idea of the programme is that we build a solid foundation for competitive tennis. The programme will include building:

  1. A technical foundation
  2. The mental tools
  3. A solid physical base
  4. A tactical approach

The programme will use the latest technologies and teaching systems. These will include:

  • Video analysis
  • The Spanish Drills system
  • The Junior Andy Murray workout
  • Progress reports for parents
  • The Human Performance Institute’s – Energy Management System (EMS)

Dan Travis MSC  
Dan Travis isunnamed (4) a leading expert in preparing people for competition. Dan has obtained international coach status form the Sanchez-Casal academy based in Barcelona where both Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal trained as players. Dan is also an associate of the American organization, The Human Performance Institute, in which he specialises in mental toughness training. Applying the methods of the Registro Profesional de Tenis (RPT) Dan runs the Spanish coaching system in the South of England.

Jeff Taylor

unnamed (5)

Jeff is Tennis Tiger’s Head of Children’s Tennis. Jeff specialises in matchplay and the Spanish drills system. He is also called the ‘busiest coach in Brighton’ as he is so popular with parents and children. Jeff won the Brighton and Hove’s men’s singles championships in 2015.

Logan Burgess Hayes                                                                                         

Logan is 1IMG_3071 (1)9 and has been playing tennis since he was 8 years old. He has competed for Sussex in every age group from U12’s to Mens and has competed internationally on the ITF circuit to achieve a junior world ranking. At 18 he decided to commit to playing collegiate tennis in the United States of America. He has just finished his first year and it was a great experience for him. As a coach Logan brings experience to the court, having played the sport for over a decade and having travelled worldwide to compete at some of the highest levels. Logan has been taught by some of the best coaches in the US and the UK. As a coach he brings enthusiasm, hard work and fun to tennis and is looking forward to seeing you on the Competition Preparation Programme.

What Annabel Croft has to say about the Spanish teaching system:

“There are many different coaching methods for tennis across the country and each offers its own benefits for developing skills as a tennis player.

The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy was designed whilst taking a close look at all of these methods and has settled on its own philosophy that defines each coaching session. Our philosophy for improvement is defined by two clear words which are focused on throughout our classes – “Movement & Repetition”

I picked up a lot of my coaching information and ideas when I completed the Sanchez-Casal coaching course in Spain. With Spanish tennis continually impressing on the Tour and with my own children enjoying the challenge of training under these methods, a lot of the ACTA program draws inspiration from the spanish drills techniques and methods. This includes a feature of the program that focuses on breaking the tennis court into 3 specific zones: Backcourt, MidCourt and Frontcourt.

Each drill establishes the right technique and tactics for playing in each zone such and helps a player understand the decisions they need to make when they receive the ball. This may be to defend, attack or rally but can also allow a player to establish where their strengths and weaknesses lie. These methods are so successful Andy Murray confesses to the Sanchez-Casal training methods being fundamental to his development into a Wimbledon Champion!”

The Competition Programme Structure

The programme is invitation only and will only be available to tennis players who the team think are ready and able to progress in competition.

The Programme will run over 8 days only from Wednesday to Friday.

  • 6th – 8th  July / 13th – 15th July / 20th -22nd July
  • Start time from 10am to 3pm
  • The venue is Dyke Road Park in Brighton
  • The price per day is £75.00
  • We have a limit of ten players per day
  • To book in for the programme please transfer the relevant amount by bank transfer to:

TENNIS TIGERS, Sort Code 30-98-74, Account Number 36043760, Please reference ‘yourchild’sname’

If you would prefer to pay by credit/debit card please contact us on 07826 068 248

For more details about the Competition Preparation Programme please contact Dan or Jeff on

07826 068 248 or email

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