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The mark of a pro course is aimed at coaches who wish to start coaching or existing coaches wanting to expand their knowledge and qualifications using the successful Spanish methods.

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By the end of the Mark of a Pro course you will have an understanding of successful Spanish teaching methods and how to use the exclusive and unique ‘tetafime’ system.

The mark of a pro course is an introduction to the successful Spanish teaching methods and introduces coaches to the highly acclaimed ‘tetafime’ system which has become an integral part of the Spanish coaching system. Covering the technical, tactical, physical and mental elements of the game we will show how to build and develop a player from the beginning and how these 4 elements are intertwined and interconnected to help a player reach their ideal performance state. At the end of the course you may take the RPT certification test leading to RPT and ICI certification. This course has been approved by the LTA for 12 license CPD credits.

Course Content


Streetennis is designed to introduce and teach tennis to the Under 9’s.  It combines technical teaching with movement and co-ordination in a dynamic and fun environment. Streetennis is the Spanish equivalent to mini-tennis.
Developing a technical baseIt is essential that all players develop a sound technique from an early age. We will look at the technical requirements and how to teach sound technique for 20 different strokes from the basic groundstrokes and volleys to drop shots and topspin lobs.
Tactical DevelopmentHere we will help coaches understand how and when to develop the tactical abilities of their players. It will help coaches develop matchplay simulation programmes and help train their players to compete.
Development of Coaching SkillsThis part of the training covers how to build and develop drills for all levels of play. It covers feeding skills and how to adopt different feeding methods for better performance. It will also help coaches to develop their communication and organisation skills.

Coaching in Clubs

In this section we will show how to develop and manage teams at both Junior and Senior level.
How to construct and develop practice sessions for singles and doubles and how to create set tactical plays.

Tennis Development

The development of the game at grass roots level is paramount to the long-term success of any tennis programme. We will work on a range of innovative and creative ideas that will enable coaches to attract new players into the game and to maintain their interest.
Marketing and Promoting the game
Using well-proven marketing techniques developed by leaders in industry we will help each coach develop a marketing and promotion plan. We will also look at PR and Sponsorship as part of an overall marketing strategy.
Planning Development
Coaches will be shown how to develop a coaching plan both for individual sessions and also a long-term programme. The programme will include coaching opportunities for all levels, abilities and age groups.

Assessment Information


You will need to show that you can plan and conduct a range of coaching session in both a group and individual situation. You may be required to teach junior and adult players. You will also be required to log a minimum of 8 hours of practical coaching experience supported by an LTA Licensed coach.


You will be required to show your ability at demonstrating the skills required to be able to effectively teach at this level. The assessment will assess both technical ability and overall control in dead-ball and rally phases and you will also be required to show your feeding skills. Assessments will be carried out throughout the course.


You will be required to take a written test comprising of a series of multiple choice, true or false, short answers and planning questions.


You are required to create a portfolio to demonstrate your understanding of the training programme. This will include lesson plans, coaching log, promotional literature, marketing plans, etc…

Your Awards and Accreditation

On successful completion of the RPT certification test you will be awarded the relevant Professional Award from the RPT together with a European Union Certificate Supplement and the automatic equivalent qualification from the International Coaches Institute.

You will be given a grade for each of the individual parts of the test. Your overall grade will be based on the lowest of these grades.

The grades are as follows:-
National Professional  85%+
Instructor 1  75-84%
Instructor 2  65-74%
You will receive your certifications on the successful completion of your assessments and your coaching portfolio. The assessment process will be ongoing throughout the course. Coaches will be advised and assisted in the assessment process and workbooks and guidelines will be produced to help coaches create and produce a record of their work in line with the RPT standards.


You will also receive an equivalent qualification from the International Coaches Institute and a certificate supplement from the European Union.

COURSE FEE  £345 * includes optional RPT certification test £50

COURSE LENGTH: 3 Days – 9am to 5pm
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