Why Choose Tennis Tigers?

Tennis Tigers specialises in teaching tennis to Infant, Primary and Secondary school children in Sussex all year round.

The key benefits to a Tennis Tigers club are:

Tennis for Everyone – The priority of Tennis Tigers is to make tennis accessible to all children and to give them the basic skills to play tennis. There are no barriers with regards to age, ability or disability.

Safety – Our dedicated coaches are Advanced DBS checked, insured and first aid trained.  Individually, we all have at least 5 year’s experience teaching the key stage one age group.

Experience – Tennis Tigers has been running highly successful after school clubs since 2001.  We are experts in delivering innovative tennis programmes to the younger age group starting 4 years+. Our experience is what sets us apart from other sports clubs.

Quality – Our programme teaches around 500 children every year to play tennis.  We have produced both county champions and tournament winners. 

Our proudest claim is that all the children on our programme have gained key skills; confidence, balance, co-ordination, speed & agility and concentration. This attitude is duplicated in our weekly hour long sessions.

Further Information for Parents

  • At the weekends the 1 hour sessions take place every Saturday and Sunday at 10am and 11am at Preston Park public courts, Brighton. We run all year round both indoors and outdoors.
  • During the week sessions take place as after school clubs, pre school clubs & during curriculum time.
  • Tennis Tigers runs Holiday Booster Courses all year round.
  • Tennis Tigers offers individual and small group tuition to both children and adults.
  • Your child will learn the basic stokes which include the forehand, backhand and volley.
  • Over time they will progress to the smash and serve and more advanced shots.
  • Tennis Tigers also incorporates footwork drills and games into each session to ensure a fun and rewarding experience for your child.
  • Tennis Tigers will help your child accelerate their learning process through the combination of expert tuition and lots of practice.
  • Your child will only need to bring their basic PE kit. Tennis Tigers supplies tennis rackets and all the specialist equipment required.
Organisation for schools – Tennis Tigers can organise and publicise the club to parents and collect payments.  We will communicate with parents. The school need play no part in this process if they so wish. Your hall space is ideal to run each one hour session. We are able to pay any hall fees upon invoice.

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