Personal Motivation

As any one would confirm, success is dependent on the way you approach life.

However, success can be yours if you have an open mind along with some self confidence. Tennis is one game where you can apply the same principle.

Self confidence is something that can come between success and failure in this game. Your personal approach decides on the result of your performance.

Love the game and approach it with an open mind. Your chance of succeeding reduces while your susceptibility to injury increases and you start hating the game. When your approach to the game is positive, you are in a better position to succeed.

Nobody can play a good game if he or she is in a bad mood, whereas someone with a positive mental attitude can really play a good game.

Even professionals make them. If you discover that you are making a mistake in your timing for swinging the racquet, take that as a chance to improve your timing.

If you take everything that you do wrong as an opportunity to improve, rather than as a failure you will be able to really improve your overall outlook. If this helps in giving you any consolation, remember every tennis player, even the best of them can play bad, make mistakes and wish to leave the court.

This is applicable to any hobby, sport, job or activity. If you do nothing but play tennis every waking moment that you are awake, you are going to be running straight into a burn out in no time at all. For example shopping, hanging out with friends, sit lazy and watch the TV. These activities help you feel relaxed so that you can play tennis again with a clean mind-frame.

Spending quality time outside the court can be as valuable as that within the court.

Each tennis player has his own style of playing. Of course you would pay heed to the advice of your coach. Take the example of your racquet, shoes and attire, these should be used according to your fitting needs and not because your coach uses them. Your skills would develop as a consequence. Never think of imitating another player, not even your coach.

These are just some of the mental tools Tennis Tiger players benefit from.

Our motivational programmes are backed by the leading and most effective methodologies in competitive development.

Our motivational programmes require a significant commitment on your part but the results will mirror this, become habitual and will last for a lifetime.

Dan Travis. Head Coach

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