SAQ – Speed Agility and Quickness

  • SAQ® Training Courses give teachers, coaches and trainers skills guaranteed to develop and improve performance, fundamental and inclusive movement.
  • Developed by education and training experts to feature as much practical, ‘hands-on’ experience as possible they have established a benchmark of excellence, verified by independent research* and the sustainable success of their students.
  • Assessments test ability to apply skills and techniques and bring natural confidence to their application.
  • Organisations and individuals select ‘Licensed SAQ® Trainers’ for their superior, professional competence.
  • Available across the country, throughout the year, privately and in population specific formats, SAQ® Training Courses are the cornerstone of training solutions throughout Schools, Sport, the Community and Services.
  • Accredited, Approved and Independently Researched by various governing bodies, clubs, associations, Universities and Government Organisations.

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