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Meet Our Coaches

  • All Tennis Tigers coaches have advanced DBS checks
  • All Tennis Tigers coaches have public liability insurance
  • All Tennis Tigers coaches are up to date with child safeguarding procedures.
  • All Tennis Tigers coaches are first aid trained. 
  • All Tennis Tigers Coaches have LTA and/or RPT accredited qualifications.


Vanessa Nickerson, Owner of Tennis Tigers & Coach. RPT National Professional. LTA Qualification Level 3. Contact: 07531 879 404

Vanessa is competitive tennis player in both singles and doubles who loves playing and watching the game. “I feel so lucky to have combined business with a great passion. I love to see children & adults getting out there and having a great time on court. Tennis is a game for everyone and once you learn a few basics, it’s for life”.

Dan Travis Msc, Head Coach & Founder of Tennis Tigers. RPT European Professional. LTA Qualification Level 3 Accredited. Contact: 07826 068 248

Dan Travis is a leading expert in preparing people for competition. Dan has obtained international coach status form the Sanchez-Casal academy based in Barcelona where both Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal trained as players. Dan is also an associate of the American organization, The Human Performance Institute, in which he specialises in mental toughness training. Applying the methods of the Registro Profesional de Tenis (RPT) Dan runs the Spanish coaching system  and mental toughness training in the UK, USA and China.

From £45.00 per hour.



Jeff Taylor, RPT Coach, Mark of A Pro, National Professional. LTA Level 3 Accredited Plus 

Jeff is Head of Children’s Tennis and specialises in matchplay and the Spanish drills system. Jeff is an avid tennis player himself who still competes and has recently held the coveted title of Brighton & Hove’s men’s champion!

£30.00 per hour.  Contact: 07472 362 605

Ian Reed, RPT Coach – Mark of a Pro, National Professional.
“Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome” Arthur Ash, Wimbledon Champion 1975

Having more than twenty years of experience playing tennis and captaining teams in the Sussex County since 2013 Ian started his professional coaching career as an RPT Community Coach in 2017. As a middle school teacher for many more years he has been enabling young people to have confidence in their own abilities and enrich their lives through play and competition. Tennis encapsulates many challenges of daily existence; winning and losing, self restraint and passion, dreams and disasters. Every match is a life in miniature.
£25.00 per hour. Contact: 07769 971 440



Joe Bracchi, RPT Mark of a Pro Coach, National Professional.

Having gone through the Tennis Tigers programme himself since the age of 4, Joe now specialises in motivation and coaching of all ages abilities.

£25.00 per hour. Contact: 07429 478 146


Jake Taylor RPT  Mark of a Pro – National Professional Coach. 

​Tennis is Jake's passion. He competes in tournaments in Sussex and has won the Withdean and Preston LTC junior tournaments. Jake is available for coaching and hitting practice. Jake also enjoys training young aspiring coaches every year out in Lebrija, Spain as part of an Erasmus sports project.
£20.00 per hour. Contact: 07452 812 369

Max Laing RPT Nike Community Coach.

Max has been playing tennis since pre-school age, learning with Tennis Tigers. He coaches tennis and plays for fun and competitively, being the Brighton & Hove 2016 Men’s Singles Plate Champion. He also plays football in local adult and youth teams. Max really enjoys teaching children and is also available for hitting practice.

£20.00 per hour coaching & hitting. Contact: 07712 102 582



Jack Bracchi RPT: Nike Community Coach and The Art of Winning ‘Competitive Intelligence’

Jack has trained with Tennis Tigers since he was 4 years old. His passion for tennis has spilled over into his love of coaching young children and adults.
In addition to tennis he is a Sussex County Swimmer. Jack is available for hitting and coaching.

£20.00 per hour coaching & hitting. Contact: 07818 838 629

Kasra Mossayeri National Professional Hungary and LTA Level 2

Kasra began his career as a tennis assistant helping out on court with mini-tennis and short tennis for kids. He enjoys teaching children's group and private lessons.  He also teaches adult private sessions, specifically working on detailed techniques for the best shape and style to maximise power and spin. Kasra loves working closely with his clients to bring elegance to the way they play and construction of their shots. He incorporates video analysis in his coaching process to work on specifics and to examine how professionals produce the quality of shots that they do.

Kasra started playing tennis at the age of 5 and went on to play tournaments as a junior in Hungary.  He still competes and loves being on the tennis court as both a coach and a player.

Kasra has been lucky enough to work with Rhys Hanger, one of the top tennis pro/coaches in East Sussex.

Seeing players develop and seeing the impact that tennis has on people’s personal and professional life is why he feels so passionate about the game. He would love to share all his experience and knowledge with you. 

£28.00 per hour. Contact: 07478 679 489


Ellis de Monte achieved a Number 1 ranking in Catalonia, Spain for U16’s while competing on the European Junior Circuit.

Using Tennis as vehicle for self-development, I enjoy helping players realise their inherent potential and what can be achieved with hard-work, perseverance and self-awareness. I specialise in helping players develop their game in a competitive context, but ultimately I will always align my lesson plans with the player’s individual requirements, giving anyone the opportunity to enjoy the sport and improve their game. Although Tennis has a framework, a pathway by which players can improve, I understand everyone is unique and therefore encourage students to play authentically with emphasis on what it does as opposed to what it looks like.

Much of what I have learnt can be attributed to the experiences I had as a junior player, where I trained intensively for four years at academies in Barcelona, Spain – I was mentored by some of the top coaches and players in Europe (ATP Tour and Davis Cup winners. I achieved a Number 1 ranking in Catalonia, Spain for U16’s while competing on the European Junior Circuit. I have also had the opportunity to train with ATP and WTA players.

£25.00 per hour. Contact: 07399 955 254 


Clare Gravenell has a great passion for sport.

I have a sports background in Athletics, being both County Champion in Long Jump, and playing competitive women’s football, I have been a keen sportswoman since the age of eight. I have a great passion for sport and a very good understanding of the discipline and practise needed to be the best!

I started playing tennis in my early 30s and have loved playing ever since. I won a trophy for ‘Most Improved Female Player’ after 2 years of joining a local club, and play singles and doubles in the Parks League.

I am a Community Sports Leader and I enjoy sharing my knowledge by creating a fun and relaxed environment and by focusing on encouragement and support. I also have a wide range of experience working with children and adults of all ages and diverse backgrounds. My focus is on individual development, whatever your level, and to maximise your enjoyment of the game.

For me tennis is a beautiful game that is dynamic and graceful, full of skills and tactics, drama and excitement, all of which I would like to pass on to others through coaching.

£25.00 per hour. Contact: 07840014616


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We always welcome new coaches to our team. If you are studying at The University of Brighton or Sussex, already a coach or just love to play tennis. Please give us a call, text or send an email introducing yourself.
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  • Host Tournaments for primary age children
  • Run holiday courses
  • Hold a Tennis Coaching Qualification
  • You are paid for delivering Courses.
  • Coaching programme runs year round
  • You do not need any specialist tennis coaching experience

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